Index of Armenian Art:
Database of Armenian Manuscript Illuminations

Welcome to the database of Armenian Miniatures, the first part of the Index of Armenian Art. It features a chronological database of Armenian manuscripts, each of which is accompanied by a collection of color slides. The web version of the database has been partially supported by grants from The Bertha and John Garabedian Charitable Foundation, Fresno, California.

Dickran Kouymjian

*** Manuscripts are listed by the catalogue number of their respective collections. For instance M2374 is the Etchmiadzin Gospels dated 989 in the Matenadaran, Erevan, manuscript number 2374.

Abbreviations Collection
V Venice, Mekhitarian Library, San Lazzaro
J Jerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate
WGA Baltimore, Walters Gallery of Art
M Erevan, Matenadaran
VM Vienna, Mekhitarian Library
PM New York, Pierpont Morgan Library
HH New York, Ex-Haroutune Hazarian Collection
S Sofia, National Library
G Gospel manuscript