IAA Number:M2374GF
MS Type:Gospel (fragment, miniatures only)
Place Executed: 
Date:late 6th - early 7th century
Present Location:Erevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 2374, formerly Etchmiadzin Ms. 229; Etchmiadzin Gospels, the 'Final Four Miniatures'
Size:34 x 25.5 cm.
Script:no text preserved
Binding:Bound with five section carved ivory plaques, probably Byzantine work of the sixth century
Notes & Comments:Fragment with a marginal picture of a palm tree. The final four miniatures, on two leaves, bounded into the manuscript at the end. All four miniatures are published in color.
Bibliography:Karinian (1863), no. 222.
FolioTypeDetailHigh Res.
228Narrative MiniatureAnnunciation to the high priest Zacharias
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228vNarrative MiniatureAnnunciation to the Virgin
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229Narrative MiniatureAdoration of the Magi
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229vNarrative MiniatureBaptism
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Manuscript BindingUpper cover, carved ivory plaque
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Manuscript BindingLower cover, carved ivory plaque
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