IAA NumberPresent LocationMS Date
M2374GFErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 2374, formerly Etchmiadzin Ms. 229; Etchmiadzin Gospels, the 'Final Four Miniatures'ca. 600
V1144GVenice, Mekhitarian Library, San Lazzaro, Ms. 1144/86, known as the Queen Mlk'e Gospel.862
M6200GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms 6200, formerly Museum of Fine Arts Ms. 1111, formerly Moscow, Lazareff Institue: "Lazarian Gospel."887
WGA537GBaltimore, Maryland, Walters Art Gallery Ms. 537, known as the 'Gospels of the Translators.'966
CughrutCughrut', Javakh Region, Georgia, Cughrut' Village Gospels974
M7735GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 7735, formerly Museum of Fine Arts Ms. 81, formerly, Erzerum Sanassarian Institute Ms. 1.986
M2374GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 2374, formerly Etchmiadzin Ms. 229. Etchmiadzin Gospels989
M9430GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 9430a-b10th cent.
J2555GJerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate Ms. 2555.10th cent.
V123GVenice, Mekhitarian Library, San Lazzaro, Ms. 123/68.10th cent.
VM697GVienna, Mekhitarian Library Ms. 697.10th cent.
HHGEx-Haroutune Hazarian Collection10th cent.
M7739GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 7739, formerly Sanassarian #8 Erevan.1001
V887GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 116/587 or (887)1007
M4804GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 993/48041018
M283GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 2831033
M6201GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 62011038
J3624GJerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate Ms. 36241041
M3723GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 363/ 37231045
M3793GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 37931053
J2556GTreasury of St. James, Ms. 2556 – 1, known as “The King Gagik and Kars Gospel”1029-1064
M7736GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 7736ca. 1060
M3784GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 37841057
M10099GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 100991044-1060
J1924GJerusalem #1924; Library of St. Thoros #19241064
M10434GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 104341069
V1400GVenice, Mekhitarian Library, San Lazzaro, Ms. 1400/108. "Trebizond"1000-1050
M275GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 2751071-1078
M10780GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 10780pre-1081
M288GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 2881099
M974GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 974mid-11th (?)
M5547GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 554711th cent.
M2952GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 295211th cent.
J2562GJerusalem #2562, Treasury #711th cent.
M4435GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 443511th cent.
M10147GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 1014711th cent.
M963GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 96311th cent.
M7635GErevan, Museum of Fine Arts, 209/763511-12th cent.
M6202GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 6202; Related to M283G.1236-1242
FGA3218GWashington, Freer Gallery of Art, Ms. 32.1813th cent.
GET59GLos Angeles, Getty Museum, Ms. 59, known as the "Zeytun Gospel"1256
J251GJerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate Library, Ms. 2511260
J1965GJerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate Library, Ms. 1965, known as the "Gospel of 1265" and "Gospel of Keran".1265
J2027GJerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate Library, Ms. 20271266
J2563GJerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate Library, Ms. 2563, known as the "Gospel of Queen Keran"1272
J2568GJerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate Library, Ms. 2568, known as the "Gospel of Prince Vasak"13th cent.
J2660GJerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate Library, Ms. 26601262
M5458GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 54581266
M6290CErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 62901295
M8321GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 832113th cent.
M10450GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 10450, known as the "Zeytun Gospel"1256
M10675GErevan, Matenadaran, Ms. 10675, known as the "Malatia Gospel"1267-1268
FITZ201Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, Ms. 201 
WGA539GBaltimore, Walters Gallery, known as the "Sebastia Gospel"1262